About SMTA

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Founded in 1966, the SMTA is the only non-profit independent professional music teaching association in Singapore. SMTA is headed by a committee that is elected from its members. Membership is open to all instrumental and voice teachers ranging from private studios to tertiary schools. Membership is a recognition and support of your teaching profession.

The SMTA is a meeting place for aspiring as well as practising teachers who desire to improve and enhance their current teaching methods and develop a great passion for teaching.

The SMTA aims to stimulate and inspire teachers to the utmost, to help teachers to create original teaching solutions through various kinds of brainstorming opportunities.

Our Mission

  • To promote healthy music teaching and learning in Singapore
  • To enhance teachers' professional growth and well-being
  • For teachers to have a sense of belonging and a common voice in the teaching profession
  • To improve and increase people's awareness towards the teaching profession
  • For SMTA to be a partner and pillar of support in the music and arts scene

A Teacher

  • Inspires a passion for music & the arts
  • Seeks to learn continuously
  • Keeps the sense of wonder alive
  • Cares deeply about the student
  • Knowing that life never stands still,
  • Urges innovation, individualism, creativity
  • Challenges students and helps them find the potential within themselves
  • Believes there is no greater calling for influencing the young than being a teacher.
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