Calling for Performers' Festival Inspiring Stories!

Can you help to bring your students’ PF stories to light?

Dear fellow Teachers,

Greetings from the SMTA!

The recent biennial 6th Singapore Performers’ Festival & Chamber Music Competition (PF) in June 19-25 this year was a huge success and the biggest so far with more than 450 participants (a 20% jump from our last PF in 2014). This was achieved together with your unwavering support and your recognition of this enriching learning platform which brings intrinsic benefits to your students.


Let me relate a story…

(Picture L-R: Vanessa Lee, Meng Mei, Sharon Lee)

How a shy student BLOSSOMED!

Leong Meng Mei, SMTA member and long-time supporter of the Festival, cited how one of her students, Sharon, who is rather shy by nature, was initially hesitant to Mei’s suggestion of participating in the Festival. However, upon explaining that this unique performance platform is not an examination nor a competition (where comparison and ranking between participants is di rigueur); and upon further encouragement to do her best, her student finally agreed to embark on this goal. Come performance day, Mei was so surprised that her ‘shy’ student actually rallied so many of her friends and family members to come and support her! Even when a slip occurred during her performance, she remained calm and continued without much ado. Mei was so pleased and proud of how her ‘shy’ student actually managed to focus on what she was doing there and then (the music and performing) and learned how to handle and react under performance conditions. That’s what learning is about. On reflection, Mei is so thankful for the Performers’ Festival’ without which her ‘shy’ student, who has ‘evolved’, might not have discovered herself and realise her own potential. Today, Mei reports that Sharon has not only become more enthusiastic, confident and hungry to learn even more, she has also become an inspiration and exemplary model to fellow music friends. We wish Mei and her student ALL THE BEST and continued personal success as they journey together!

Inspiring stories describing students’ and teachers’ experiences are not only powerful but so worthy of sharing. Through stories, we hope that music students can strive to discover themselves and their potential, and importantly to know that there’s a wider music community here to support them. Can you help to bring their stories to light?

There have been word-of-mouth reports of students who have gained insight into their processes; overcome their own fears, on their way to becoming more comfortable with who they are as musicians. Documenting these stories benefit everyone (parents, teachers, students of all ages, scholarship donors, audience members and governmental agencies such as the National Arts Council which has been witnessing the growth of the Festival since its inauguration in 2006) who hears them, especially future participants. We’re excited about fellow students inspiring each other.

We’re aiming to post their stories (and pictures, if any) during the December festive season to end the year on an inspiring high note and at the same time to welcome the New Year with renewed, refreshed spirits! We’re counting on YOU to rally as many of your students/parents to SHARE their stories. So, TEXT THEM, WHAT’S APP THEM, POKE THEM, FACEBOOK THEM to spread this call for stories. Your efforts in encouraging them and spreading this call will ensure many stories are heard! 

Who can contribute stories?

Any of your students who have participated in any of the Performers’ Festival. Teachers’ and even parents’ stories are most welcome!


Do you have any student(s) who has participated in ALL SIX festivals? We’d love to hear their experience from the FIRST edition (till now) as to how the Festival has played a part in their music growth and journey. It’d be awesome to have them submit images (jpg) of ALL SIX editions of their certificates.

Scholarship Recipients

If any of your students were awarded scholarships, we would like to hear their stories too as to how the scholarships have benefitted them, what they went on to pursue, for instance, beyond their O’ levels, how music is featured in their lives now etc.…

Media Platforms

Selected stories will be featured on the SMTA website, Facebook page, future NAC reports and Festival publicity materials.


10th December (early submission means your story gets uploaded first!), to Ms Gillian Hu at

ANY Questions? Please feel free to email Ms Gillian Hu at

We’re looking forward to their stories!

Julie Tan
SMTA President