Le Petit Performers' Fest

Le Petit Performers' Fest

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Online registration period: 1st-19th Oct

Download Fest information in PDF.


Venue: Yamaha Thomson Plaza, Music Salon

Organised by: The Singapore Music Teachers’ Association

Venue & piano sponsor


Calling all pianists! Do you love music and have always dreamed of performing?

Here’s your chance! Be it your debut or a milestone in your learning, Le Petit Performers' Fest (LPF) celebrates the performer in you - regardless of age, level or experience. Perform solo, duet or even 6 hands with your friends your desired repertoire or even your own composition on the Yamaha S3X grand in an intimate performance salon before a live audience.

To help capture the moment, performers will receive a complimentary video recording of their performance, a certificate and written constructive comments (with the option of having award levels indicated) from a renowned expert pianist. At the end of each group, the adjudicator will give verbal feedback to the performers. You will also have a chance to have a one-on-one masterclass with your adjudicator (after the Festival) to help improve your playing.

In SMTA’s continued mission in encouraging and promoting a life-long love for music, we understand that learners/performers need different ‘modes of transport’ in their learning journey to help them reach their destinations; nurturing platforms where they can comfortably express themselves without added pressures of examinations or competitions.


What past participants say

Clarence Lee, participant of the 1st Singapore Performers’ Festival (2006) and recent Master graduate of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), shared his experience:

Performers can focus on bringing their own personalities and interpretations on stage without any pressure of comparison or competition with other performers. This is what a performing career is all about – being yourself and touching the hearts of your audience. It is definitely not only about sitting for music exams or winning competitions. My heartiest congratulations to SMTA for their efforts in giving young musicians here not only opportunities, but the right kind of platforms for them to experience the life of a concert artist and share their gift with others.

Serene Koh, participant of the 3rd & 4th PF (2010, 2012) and Bachelor graduate of YSTCM (2016) recounted her willingness to participate upon her teacher's recommendation as a way to challenge herself to perform before an audience.

As it is not a competition, there is no comparison with other participants. The Festival really allowed me, the performer, to fully focus on the music rather than on winning or elimination. Awards allocated to participants are based on their own pieces and skill. I found the video recording useful too. Comment sheets written by judges are given to participants to make improvements. Many overseas participants also joined, allowing me to learn from these people from different cultures—an eye-opener!

A stepping stone to the Performers’ Festival, the smaller scale Le Petit Performers’ Fest is created with our budding musicians in mind, to help them grow and reach their potential.


COME JOIN THE 1st Le Petit Performers’ Fest this November school holidays!

To celebrate the 1st LPF, participants will receive $50 worth of Yamaha vouchers when they participate in the 8th Singapore Performers’ Festival in June 2020.



For Teachers: Complimentary SMTA Membership

Members will enjoy complimentary 2-year SMTA membership (2020 and 2021) when they register 10 or more students.

To qualify, membership validity must be up to date prior to Festival registration.

New memberships approved after submitting LPF registration will not qualify.

Member’s name cannot be added after submitting Festival registration.

If your membership has lapsed (i.e. not renewed by Jan 31st), you need to reapply as a new member. (Entrance fee is payable)

To sign up for membership, please visit the Membership Application page.


Our Open Doors

Open to pianists of all ages (children and adults) and levels; local and overseas, members and non-members’ students.



Piano solo

1 piano, 4 hands/6 hands


Video Recording of your Performance

To commemorate your special moment, participants will receive a complimentary professionally recorded video recording of their performance which may also serve as their music portfolio or for audition purposes.

(Any type of unauthorized videography, recording or photography when the Festival is in session is STRICTLY not permitted so as not to interfere with the official videography.)


Yamaha S3X Piano



About the Le Petit Performers' Fest

Festival Objectives


Awards & Awards Descriptors

Performance Repertoire & Requirements


Dates & Registration Information

Audience Admission

Terms & Conditions of Participation






A stepping stone to the biennial Performers’ Festival (8th PF in 2020 June), the smaller scale Le Petit Fest aims to offer participants a taster experience to help boost their confidence and demonstrate their skills in a smaller, intimate performing space.

One of the key aspects that makes the Performers' Festival unique is adjudication based on each individual participant's playing standards with regards to the music performed. It is not based on age or difficulty of the music, nor is it based on comparing, competing and eliminating performers like typical music competitions.

The Performers’ Festival advocates the belief that music is for everyone and that the learning of music is not restricted to any specific age group. Each individual's starting point in music learning and training and each person's progress and learning curve is not uniform.

Learning music is not a race nor is it about crossing a ‘finish’ line or 'completing' grades, a popular notion that has resulted from the Grades 1 to 8 music exam system. When one begins a journey learning an instrument, let it be music first, which reaps creativity, intellect, physical coordination, discipline, emotion, expression, fulfilment and personal enjoyment.

The Performers’ Festival provides a platform for all music makers, young and old, to experience and celebrate the joy of music making and share their music publicly with family, friends and community.

Take on a ‘competition’ with oneself and not against someone else. The level of challenge is set by the piece(s) that you choose. Thus, be it Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Balakirev's Islamey, it is about how best and convincingly you play the piece. The adjudication, together with constructive feedback, not only allows the performer to push oneself to one's personal best, but more importantly to reinstate the emphasis on MUSIC FIRST rather than ‘exams first'. You are the ‘winner’ in music and competition when you are capable of showcasing your personal best and passion in creating music.

See you at the festival!​



  • To promote a lifelong love for music by extending musical performance from the teaching studio to the concert stage
  • To encourage and promote music making in solo and group capacities
  • To nurture and instil interest, to widen music awareness
  • For parents to enjoy and BE PART of their children’s musical growth


Benefits for the Student

The Festival helps build bridges from the weekly studio lesson to the concert stage. It allows participants to experience greater self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. In turn, they can be motivated to achieve future goals at their own pace.

  • Motivate yourself towards a goal at your own pace and capacity
  • Broaden your repertoire and playing skills
  • Widen your interest and develop a passion for music
  • Discover new musical thoughts and insights
  • Boost your self-confidence, gain ownership of your learning
  • Experience the whole process of performance preparation and performing in a real  concert setting
  • Learn to promote yourself and garner audience to come support your performance
  • Interact and learn from fellow performers


Benefits for the Teacher

The Festival also offers teachers a stimulating new way to present their students in a real performance setting¾without the pressure of a competition where participants are compared and eliminated from others, or the sterile closed-door nature of graded exams¾fuelling their passion for music-making and experiencing the thrill of the concert stage.

  • Showcase your students in a public setting
  • Help set realistic and achievable goals for each individual student
  • Stretch each student to his/her fullest potential 
  • For students to explore a wide music repertoire beyond the confines of music exams
  • Use the Festival as an opportunity for professional development and recognition
  • Discover new teaching insights




For the Festival, one adjudicator will adjudicate each category. You will receive constructive written feedback based on how well you perform your chosen music. The evaluation is not based on how you play in comparison with another performer, nor will it take into consideration the age of the performer or the difficulty of the music.



  • Dennis Lee: pianist, lecturer, adjudicator (UK)
  • Toh Chee-Hung: pianist, lecturer, adjudicator (UK)




All participants will receive: 

  1. Adjudication reports: Participants will receive their reports on the day of their performance
  2. Certificates: To be collected on the day of their performance (TBC)
  3. Video recordings: Participants will be given a link to access the recordings for download (tentatively in Dec)


Award Levels (optional)
Participants can choose to have only comments written by the adjudicator or with the addition of award levels reflected on the adjudicator’s comment sheet.

Based on your performance, the award levels are:


Certificate of Participation









  • Demonstrates a high level of technical accuracy and command of the instrument
  • Displays an exceptional sense of musicality, maturity and attention to musical detail
  • Demonstrates a strong awareness of refinement of sound 
  • Communicates very effectively and shows strong personality, resulting in a very persuasive performance



  • Demonstrates a good technical command of the instrument
  • Displays clear musicality and sensitivity to musical detail
  • Consistently produces nice and beautiful sound
  • Produces a real feeling of performance



  • Demonstrates a competent technical command of the instrument (some minor inaccuracies, but no major errors)
  • Displays a musical approach and some sensitivity to musical detail
  • Adequate sense of sound production, but not always ideal
  • Gives some feeling of performance



  • Has some technical errors within a reasonably accurate performance
  • Musicality and sensitivity are apparent, but not always consistent
  • Mildly aware of sound and tone quality
  • A sense of communication and performance is sometimes obscured by a preoccupation with the technical demands of the music



  • Performed with score(s)
  • Technical weaknesses are immediately apparent
  • Little feeling for the spirit of the music
  • Sound production is not a priority
  • Could try to give more thought to the requirements of a performance




3.1 Repertoire

  1. Free choice of repertoire (including own composition)
  2. Any number of work(s)


3.2 Repeats

  • Repeats are optional.


3.3 Scores

  1. One set of ORIGINAL scores (no unauthorised photocopies) must be provided on the performance day for the adjudicator’s reference. Please remember to collect back your scores from the registration desk before you leave.
  2. Bar numbers: Scores must be marked with bar numbers at the start of each line.


3.4 Memorization

  1. Solo piano participants are required to perform from memory.
  2. 1 Piano 4 hands/6 hands participants need not perform from memory.


3.5 Duration

  1. Duration is 10 minutes (your programme can be less than 10 minutes) which can be extended by blocks of 5 minutes.
  2. Performers may perform for more than 10 minutes. The appropriate fees apply.
  3. Performers can perform more than one work within the duration, during which it must include time for breaks in between each work.
  4. The whole performance (starting from the time you enter to perform until you exit the stage) must not exceed your booked duration. You are advised to do a run-through of your COMPLETE performance (including walking, bowing, adjusting your seat, any tunings, breaks in between pieces) to ensure that your booked duration is well sufficient.
  5. Performers will be stopped if they exceed their booked duration.
  6. The duration of each work (including any repeats) must be stated on the Registration Form.


3.6 Entries

  1. Participants may enter for more than one category. Please submit separate applications for different categories.
  2. Individual registrations must be made for each individual participant or group (no sharing, no combining).


3.7 Performance Attire & Etiquette

  1. Musical performance is as much a visual experience as it is an aural one. As such, performance etiquette should be practiced; appropriate performance attire and footwear should be worn. Attire and performance etiquette will be taken into consideration in the adjudication.




Participants will have the opportunity to work and hone their skills with their respective adjudicator(s) in masterclasses.

4.1 Masterclasses with Adjudicator (PIANO)

  1. The masterclass will take place after participants’ performances, after the Festival.
  2. Registrants are accepted on first-come-first-serve basis and upon the availability of the adjudicators. Please sign up early.


4.2 Masterclass Fees

  1. 30 minutes $100
  2. Observers: Free admission


Venue: To be confirmed once schedule is fixed.




5.1 Online Registration Period: 1st Oct – 19th Oct 2019


5.2 Performance Day & Session

  1. You can request for your choice of day and session on the registration form. This is subject to availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis. This is not a guarantee but SMTA will endeavor to fulfill your request.


Public admission

Free public admission to watch the Festival performances.


5.3 Reporting Letter       

  1. The reporting letter stating your performance date, reporting time and repertoire will be emailed to you about 2 weeks before the event. Please ensure your email address is submitted correctly. If you do not hear from us by then, please email SMTA at enquiries@smtasingapore.com to check.
  2. The reporting letter will be emailed only to the TEACHER if the teacher’s name and email address was listed on the form.
  3. If the teacher’s name and email address was not listed, it will be emailed to whatever email address was registered.


5.4 Amendments or Loss of Certificates 

  1. Any amendments must be done within the registration period by emailing to the organiser at enquiries@smtasingapore.com.
  2. No amendment can be accepted thereafter.
  3. Each amendment to the Certificate shall incur a fee of S$20.
  4. Each reprint of loss of certificate shall incur a fee of S$20.


5.5 Accuracy of Details  

  1. The information you provide will appear as such on the program book, adjudicators’ reports and your certificates.
  3. SMTA shall not be held responsible for any errors/misspellings arising from inaccurate submissions.


5.6 Registration Fees

  1. Participants may register for any category(s) and for more than one 10-minute block.
  2. Separate applications must be made for separate categories.
  3. Solo categories: Individual registration is required for each individual participant. (No sharing)



Piano Solo (1 person)

1 piano 4/6 hands (2 or 3 persons)

1st 10-minute block

S$150 (members’ students)

S$160 (non-members’ students)

S $150+ $10 / $160 + $10


(2 persons = $160)

(3 persons = $170)



(2 person = $170)

(3 person = $180)


For each additional performer, add $10 each.



Each subsequent 5-minute block of extension: S$75

Only credit card payment via PayPal is accepted. (You do not need a PayPal account.)



6.1 Promoting, publicizing and getting audience to your performance is just as essential as preparing for your own performance. Hence, participants are encouraged to invite family and friends to come and support their performance. It is also an opportunity for participants to benefit from watching fellow performers as well as to interact and forge new friendships.


6.2 Free public admission to watch the Festival performances. Seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


6.3 Entry and exit are permitted only at appropriate times of the performance.


6.4 Out of respect to other audience members, children aged 5 and below and any persons creating disturbance will not be allowed admission.


6.5 Any type of unauthorized videography, recording or photography when the Festival is in session is STRICTLY not permitted so as not to interfere with the official videography. 



By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees to all of the Festival regulations as well as the following terms and conditions:


  1. The registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable.
  2. The Singapore Music Teachers’ Association (the “Organiser”) reserves the right to cancel the event or any categories if due to insufficient participants or any unforeseen circumstances. As such, the registration fee will be refunded.
  3. The Participant consents to allowing the Organiser to record all or part of the Festival and related activities for broadcast and promotional purpose without any payment to the Participant. The Participant grants to the Organiser the exclusive rights to the recorded materials and pictures.
  4. Participants must report to the Festival steward at the REPORTING TIME. Participants who arrive later than their scheduled time may be disqualified. 
  5. Participants and supporters of Participants shall not communicate with or seek influence over the Adjudicators.
  6. The decisions of the Adjudicating Panel, acting on the Organiser’s behalf, are final.  No discussion or correspondence will be entertained.
  7. Any type of unauthorized videography, recording or photography when the Festival is in session is STRICTLY not allowed so as not to interfere with the official videography.
  8. The Participants agree to indemnify the Organiser against any injuries or damages occurred at the Festival.
  9. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Information, Rules, Terms and Conditions of the Festival without prior notice.



For enquiries, please contact the organiser, SMTA.


Julie Tan

President, SMTA



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