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There are a few reasons why our emails aren’t arriving in your inbox. Previous domain issues or an overactive spam filter might have resulted in the SMTA emails being lost en route to your inbox. 

The easiest way to fix this issue is to purposefully add the SMTA email (especially the enquiries email) address to your contact list. Please review the steps below to complete the process:



  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click Compose on the top left corner to start an email draft. 
  • Type in ‘enquiries@smtasingapore.com’ in the ‘To’ field.

  • Hover over ‘enquiries@smtasingapore.com’ and a window will pop up.
  • IMPORTANT: Click Add to contacts to save the sender in your contact list.



  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the People icon on the bottom left corner to navigate to your contacts.

  • Click + New Contact on the top left corner.

  • IMPORTANT: Type in ‘enquiries@smtasingapore.com’ and click Create.
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