Music Platform - The Discovery Channel!

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3 Feb, 2017 5:24pm - 3 Feb, 2017 5:24pm

What is the purpose of learning music?

How can we motivate our students?

What healthy goals can we set for them?

How can we inject enthusiasm into learning?

How do parents know that their kids are progressing even if they don’t enter for exams?

How can students trace their own progress & have a sense of achievement in their music?



To experience performance etiquette in a real performance setting

To nurture and instill interest & widen music awareness

To encourage healthy& FUN music making with fellow students

To have a sense of goal & motivation. A form of self evaluation.

To train confidence &strengthen bonding

For parents to enjoy & BE PART of their children’s music growth!!


Music Platform
The Discovery Channel!

25th November 2018 (Sun)
Orchestra Hall, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Tell us why we teach music
Form the basis of our planning
Motivate our pupils in their music-making
Facilitate cooperation among everyone involved in the teaching situation
Form the basis of our evaluation (by Norwegian pedagogue, Fostas et al. 1980)

The Music Platform, specially created for teachers, provides an invaluable opportunity for their students of all ages to enjoy and celebrate music-making beyond the studio!


  • To experience performing on a Bosendorfer concert grand piano
  • For a formal or informal performance for students
  • For ensembles, collaborations with other instrumentalists & teachers
  • To experience & explore the acoustics of a performing space
  • To video (DIY) your students’ performance for their music portfolio or audition DVD
  • To involve parents in their children’s music-making

You have the choice of having your session formal or informal, private or open to others to watch. Just book the duration you need.

SMTA Members: $160 per ½ hr
Non-members: $220 per ½ hr
Information is correct @ the time of print    
Click here for Booking Form.


WHAT TEACHERS & PARENTS SAY…“My child enjoyed performing at the Music Platform! She is looking forward to the next one!”~ “She has learnt how to set her own practice time and goals independently. She even chose her own program.”~ “This is such a good alternative to exams!”~ “My students enjoyed performing to an audience! Their parents enjoyed their children perform, they saw the fruition of their kids’ effort.” “Thank you for organizing the Music Platform for the piano teachers and their students. It was a valuable experience for the students, many of whom performed publicly for the first time. It was also a gratifying and proud experience for the parents as they watched their child/children perform. We look forward to another "Music Platform" next year.”

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of MusicOrchestra Hall (Level 3)
National University of Singapore
3 Conservatory Drive Singapore 117485
Location & map:

Seating Capacity: 120-150 persons
Area Dimensions: 19m by 15m
Piano: Bosendorfer concert grand piano


By registering, the applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions:
a. The Singapore Music Teachers’ Association (the “Organiser”) will try its best to accommodate to
the registrant’s order of time preference. Registrants are advised to register early to secure their
time preference.
b. The Organiser will advise the registrant of their time slot and reserves the right to offer an
alternative time slot if the registrant’s preferred time slot is not available.
c. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event due to insufficient number of registrants or any
unforeseen circumstances. As such, the Organiser will provide written notice of cancellation and
give a full refund of the booking charges.
d. To help facilitate the smooth changeover of sessions, we request registrants’ cooperation in
vacating the venue 5 minutes before the end of the booking period which includes the time you need
to gather your belongings and vacate. If any set-up or rehearsal is needed, it must be within your
booked session.
e. The registrants agree to indemnify the Organiser against any injuries or damages occurred at the
Music Platform.
f. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Music Platform without
prior notice.

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