5th Singapore Performers' Festival & Chamber Music Competition 2014

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15 Jun, 2014 9:00am - 21 Jun, 2014 4:00pm

Date: 15 - 21 June 2014 

Venue: Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore

The 5th Singapore Performers’ Festival 2014 (June 15-21) attracted more than 400 local and overseas piano and string participants from 13 nationalities. They were adjudicated by a total of eleven internationally renowned adjudicators, namely, Dr Bo-Kyung Kim, Ms Chee-Hung Toh, Dr David Sutanto, Mr Dennis Lee, Dr Eri Nakagawa, Mr Jamorn Supapol, Dr Nicholas Ong, Dr Shao-Shan Chen (piano), Dr Goetz Richter, Mr Joshua Kang Ming Tan, Mr Leslie Tan (strings).

Congratulations to all participants and their teachers! Thank you for yet another successful Festival! We hope you have enjoyed yourselves and found the experience enriching and rewarding! See you at the next Performers' Festival!

Platinum Award Recipients

View the Platinum List in PDF.

View the Platinum (with Scholarship) List in PDF.

Gold Award Recipients

View the Gold List in PDF.

PF-OMM Orchestra Experience

344 Tsai Qi Yun, Shalynn Violin

Paul S. J. Goh Hand-Made Bow Prizes

338 Yeong Jun Kai VIolin Bow

Chamber Music Competition Results

Congratulations to the following Chamber Groups!

First Prize: No. 367, Syn Wei Lum Gwyneth, Lieu May Yen, Lau Yun Xi
Second Prize: No. 360, Ting Tyng Nyi, Joel Chik Yan Xiang, Ethan Ho Jia Xian, Derrick Low Yi Mao
Third Prize: No. 358, Jalen Ng, See Yongzi, Michael Huang Wei Cheng

Piano Masterclass Name List

View the Piano Masterclass Name List.

Strings Masterclass Name List

View the Piano Masterclass Name List.

Showcase Performance by Outstanding Performers

View the List of Performers and the Gala Concert Programme in PDF.

5th Singapore Performers’ Festival 2014 Pictures and Videos

Please click on the following links to download content:


Awards Ceremony


Platinum Piano Performances
Platinum Violin Performances

Gala Concert Part 1 (Opening Speech and Selected Platinum Piano Performances)
Gala Concert Part 2 (Strings Performances and Forte Camerata Group)
Gala Concert Part 3 (Prize Presentation and Chamber Music Competition Winning Group)

Opening speech by Guest of Honour, Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Please click here to view the schedule. Please note timings are correct at time of publish and are subject to changes.

> Download FULL event information and regulations on 5th Performers' Festival 2014 (pdf) Updated 23rd May

  1. Categories, Eligibility
  2. Adjudication
  3. Awards
  4. The PF-OMM Orchestra Experience Award
  5. Forte Musicademy Chamber Music Competition Prize
  6. String Award: Hand-Crafted Bows by Paul Goh
  7. Scholarship Awards
  8. Performance Repertoire & Requirements
  9. Dates, Venue
  10. Venue Information, Accommodation Suggestions & Getting Around Singapore
  11. Announcement of Awards Recipients
  12. Masterclass, Gala Concert-Awards Ceremony
  13. Registration & Fees
  14. Audience & Admission



Inaugurated in 2006, the biennial Performers’ Festival (PF) gives musicians of all ages a public platform to showcase their talents before a live audience. It is a festival and not a competition, so you are not being compared to other performers. You have the chance to select music that you like and can play well, and perform it to the best of your ability in a professional setting before an international adjudicating panel. You are not vying for a grade – you are reaching for your personal best!



  • To encourage and promote a lifelong love of music by extending musical performance from the teaching studio to the concert stage
  • To nurture and instil interest and to widen music awareness
  • For parents to enjoy and BE PART of their children’s musical growth

Benefits for the Student

  • Motivate yourself towards a goal, at your own capacity and pace
  • Broaden your repertoire and playing skills
  • Widen your interest and develop a passion for music
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Experience the whole process of performance preparation and performing in a real concert setting
  • Learn to promote yourself and garner audience to support your performance
  • Interact and learn from fellow performers

Benefits for the Teacher

  • Showcase your students in a public setting
  • Help set realistic and achievable goals for each individual student
  • Stretch each student to his/her fullest potential 
  • For students to explore a wide music repertoire beyond the confines of music exams
  • Use the Festival as an opportunity for professional development and recognition



The Festival has been supporting promising participants through various ways. To date, close to SGD$40,000 of scholarships have been awarded to outstanding Platinum performers whose teachers are SMTA members. Outstanding string players have also been awarded hand-crafted bows, made and kindly sponsored by Singaporean Archetier, Paul S. J. Goh while the most outstanding performer has been awarded the first-ever “Concerto Experience in Rehearsal” prize with Singapore’s Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM).

Click here to help sponsor talents!

Our sponsors and supporters


The PF-OMM Orchestra Experience

One outstanding performer may be offered the unique opportunity to play with Singapore's award-winning Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM). The recipient will get to perform with OMM at concerts as a member of the orchestra, as well as receive training under the Orchestra mentors. In addition, the recipient will get the chance to perform a concerto with the orchestra for a rehearsal and receive personal coaching, mentoring and assistance for the purpose of preparing for the Concerto Rehearsal from OMM Music Director, Assoc. Prof. Chan Tze Law.




Handcrafted bows by Paul Goh

The most deserving Violin, Viola and Cello performer, whose teachers are SMTA members OR are members themselves, will each be awarded a customised hand-crafted bow (total value of US$10,000) by Singapore’s first and only Archetier (bowmaker), Paul Goh.


Forte Musicademy Chamber Music Competition Prize

The TOP THREE winning groups shall receive cash prizes of $800, $500 & $300 respectively. The 1st prize group will be invited to perform in the Gala Concert.

Scholarships will be awarded to selected outstanding Platinum performers whose teachers are SMTA members OR who are SMTA members themselves.  
Venue: YSTCM Recording Studio

The Performers’ Festival gives you the unique opportunity to perform in one of Asia’s largest state-of-the-art recording studios at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore. Pianists have the pleasure of performing on the Steinway Model B, 7-foot grand piano.

Video Recording of your Performance

To commemorate your special moment, participants will receive a complimentary video recording of their performance which may also serve as their music portfolio or for audition purposes.


The festival is open to the public (local & overseas) of all ages (children and adults) and all levels. The categories are:

Performers’ Festival

Solo Piano Violin
Piano Duet (1 Piano, 4 Hands) Viola

Chamber Music Competition (age 18 & below)

Piano Trio One piano AND any 2 bowed-string instruments
Piano Quartet One piano AND any 3 bowed-string instruments
Piano Quintet One piano AND any 4 bowed-string instruments
String Trio Any combination of 3 bowed-string instruments
String Quartet Any combination of 4 bowed-string instruments
String Quintet Any combination of 5 bowed-string instruments

*If your chamber group comprises of a different instrument combination from the above, please email SMTA for approval.



For the Festival, a panel of two adjudicators will adjudicate each category. You will receive constructive written feedback from internationally renowned musicians based on how well you perform your chosen music. The evaluation is not based on how you play in comparison with another performer. Nor will it take into consideration the age of the performer or the difficulty of the music.

Please click here to read more about each adjudicator.
Piano Adjudicators
Dr Bo-Kyung Kim
Ms Chee-Hung Toh
Dr David Sutanto
Mr Dennis Lee
Dr Eri Nakagawa
Mr Jamorn Supapol
Dr Nicholas Ong
Dr Shao-Shan Chen

String Adjudicators
Dr Goetz Richter
Mr Joshua Kang Ming Tan
Mr Leslie Tan



Based on your performance, participants shall qualify for one of the five levels of awards:

Certificate of Participation Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Trophies will be awarded to Platinum and Gold recipients during the Awards Ceremony on 21st June. The results and recipients’ names will be announced on the SMTA website.

All participants will receive Adjudication Reports, Certificates and Video Recordings after the event.

Adjudication Reports Will be emailed to your registered email address
Certificates Will be posted to your address submitted on your form
Video Recordings A link will be emailed to you for download (tentatively in September)




One outstanding performer may be offered the unique opportunity to play with Singapore's award-winning Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM). The recipient will get to perform with OMM at concerts as a member of the orchestra, as well as receive training under the Orchestra mentors. In addition, the recipient will get the chance to perform a concerto with the orchestra for a rehearsal and receive personal coaching, mentoring and assistance for the purpose of preparing for the Concerto Rehearsal from OMM Music Director, Assoc. Prof. Chan Tze Law.


  • The recipient is expected to commit to performing with OMM as an orchestral member at concerts and events.
  • The orchestra reserves the right to approve or select the concerto to be performed with the orchestra for the Concerto Rehearsal.
  • In the event that there are no suitable candidates for the award, the adjudication panel reserves the right not to present the award.



The TOP THREE winning groups shall receive cash prizes of $800, $500 & $300 respectively.

The 1st prize group  will be invited to perform in the Gala Concert.



Judges shall propose any deserving Violin, Viola &/or Cello performer(s)* to receive the special award of a customised hand-crafted bow (total value US$10,000) by Singapore’s first Archetier, Paul Goh.

(*Only Students of SMTA members OR participants who are members themselves are eligible for the consideration.)


Singaporean Archetier
Trained in bow-making at Violin Making School of America


An accomplished violinist and violist, Paul was trained in the finest tradition of French bow making that traces back to the legendary archetier, Tourte. Paul has distinguished himself among his peers in an astonishingly short period of time.

"I see you surpassing me as a bowmaker." Paul S. Prier Headmaster, Bow-making School of America

"…the next bowmaker to look out for." Morgen Anderson Master bow-maker, USA

"Bravo!" Stephane Thomachot Master bow-maker, France



In addition, scholarships will be awarded (not for Chamber Music Competition), at the discretion of the organisers, to selected outstanding Platinum recipients* who show potential for further development. Selected participants may receive a maximum of one scholarship regardless of the number of entries in the same category eg. solo piano.
(*Only Students of SMTA members OR participants who are members themselves are eligible to be considered for these scholarships. Music students who are already on scholarships are not eligible.)

Academic School Membership (ASM)

Academic schools* can apply as members under “Academic School Membership” (ASM). Students of the member school will be considered as students of ASM members. Please propose to your school if it is not yet a member.
*“Academic schools” refer to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, schools that offer Music Elective Programme (MEP), and music institutions such as School of the Arts (SOTA), LaSalle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS.

To join the SMTA, please see http://www.smtasingapore.com/member-application for more details & online application.


“Douglas Tan Memorial Scholarship”
In memory of the late Douglas Tan, a local piano teacher who emphasized the enjoyment of music rather than the taking of piano examinations!

“Frances Theresa Ng Memorial Scholarship”
In memory of our past Hon. Treasurer, colleague & friend
Sponsored by SMTA

“Guy Hentsch, for a Young Pianist Scholarship”
In recognition of Singapore's superb ability to nurture and bring young musical talents to fruition
Sponsored by Guy Hentsch

“Lucien Wang Memorial Scholarship”
In memory of the late Madam Lucien Wang, one of Singapore’s most dedicated and distinguished pioneer piano teachers

“Pianomania Scholarship”
Sponsored by Dr. Chang Tou Liang

“SMTA Developing Artist Scholarships”
Sponsored by SMTA

"The Lee Foundation Singapore Performers’ Festival Scholarship"



"The Tan Family Music Scholarship"
In support of outstanding musical talent and aspiration

“Victor Doggett Memorial Scholarship”
In memory of Victor Doggett, SMTA’s founding member & pioneer piano teacher in Singapore
Sponsored by Professor Thomas Hecht



8.1 Repertoire

  • Free choice of repertoire
  • Any number of work(s) for  Solo Piano, Piano Duet (1 Piano, 4 Hands) and Chamber Groups
  • Any number of work(s) for Violin, Viola or Cello (either solo or with piano accompaniment, or a combination of both)

8.2 Memorisation

  • Participants for Solo Piano are required to perform from memory. Participants playing with scores shall be awarded “Certificate of Participation”.
  • Participants for Piano Duet and Chamber Groups need not perform from memory.
  • Violinists, violists and cellists who perform a sonata (composed for violin AND piano) or movements thereof need not perform from memory. Any other pieces MUST be performed from memory.

8.3 Repeats

  • Repeats are optional

8.4 Duration

  • Duration is 10 minutes (your programme can be less than 10 minutes) which can be extended by blocks of 5 minutes.
  • Performers may perform for more than 10 minutes. The appropriate fees apply.
  • Performers can perform more than one work within the duration, during which it must include time for breaks in between each work.
  • The whole performance (starting from the time you enter to perform) must not exceed your booked duration. You are advised to do a run-through of your COMPLETE performance (including bowing, adjusting your seat/tuning, breaks in between pieces) to ensure that your booked duration is sufficient.
  • Performers will be stopped should they exceed their booked duration.
  • The duration of each work (including any repeats) must be stated on the Registration Form.

8.5 Entries

  • Participants may enter for more than one category. Separate applications for each category.
  • Solo categories: Individual registrations for each participant.

8.6 Scores

  • 1 set of ORIGINAL scores (no unauthorised photocopies) must be provided on the performance day for the adjudicators’ reference. Please remember to collect your scores back from the registration desk before you leave.

8.7 Accompanists

  • String performers must provide their own accompanists should they be needed.
  • Accompanists need not perform from memory.

8.8 Performance Attire & Etiquette

  • Musical performance is as much a visual experience as it is an aural one. As such, performance etiquette should be practiced; appropriate performance attire and footwear should be worn. Attire and performance etiquette will be taken into consideration in the adjudication.



1st – 30th Apr  Online Registration

Day 1 - 5
June 15 - 19
(Sun - Thurs)

Recording Studio
(Level 2)

Studio layout (pdf)

Free public admission
Day 4 June 18 (Wed)   STRING CATEGORIES Free public admission

June 19 (Thurs)

(Level 3)

Click here to view 360°

Free public admission
Day 6 
June 20 (Fri)
Day 7
June 21 (Sat)
10:00am - 12:00pm Piano Masterclass Concert Hall
(Level 1)
Free public admission
  10:00am - 12:00pm Strings Masterclass

Steven Baxter Recital Studio
(Level 1)

Free public admission

Reporting time for performers & award recipients
(Lunch is provided)

  2:00pm - 5:00pm Gala Concert/Awards Ceremony Concert Hall
(Level 1)
Free public admission

Note: Info & times are correct @ time of print & subject to change w/o prior notice

Enquiries: Please direct to the organiser, SMTA at enquiries@smtasingapore.com.

For all correspondence, please state participant’s registered name, category and contact numbers.

Venue:  Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
National University of Singapore, 3 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117376

Location Map & Directions: See www.music.nus.edu.sg

NOTE: Rehearsal and practice rooms are not provided. The event runs continuously each day. YSTCM does not rent out practice rooms. Please contact external music studios to enquire.

Nearest to YSTCM: Yamaha Music School @ Clementi Avenue 3, Tel: +65 6740 9361 http://sg.yamaha.com/en/support/contacts/branches_contacts/



Please click here for more information about the venue, accommodation suggestions, and how to travel around Singapore.

Facade & entrance to YSTCM

Piano Masterclass, Gala Concert & Awards Ceremony (June 21st)

Concert Hall

Piano Categories (June 15th to 19th), Strings (June 18th)

Recording Studio with Steinway B piano

Strings & Chamber Music Competition (June 19th)

Orchestra Hall with Steinway B piano

String Masterclass (June 21st)

Steven Baxter Recital Studio


Announcement of Awards Recipients
Recipients’ names of the following awards shall be announced on the SMTA website on Day 6, 20th June

  • PF-OMM Orchestra Experience Award
  • Paul Goh Bow Award
  • Scholarship Awards and
  • Platinum & Gold Awards

Forte Musicademy Chamber Music Competition Prize Winners
Results will be announced during the Gala Concert-Awards Ceremony on June 21st. The 1st prize group will perform in the Gala Concert. All Chamber groups must be present with their instruments.

N.B. Participants must check their names on the website to come receive their awards at the Awards Ceremony on 21st June. No phone calls will be made.

(21st June)

Piano & String Masterclasses
The adjudicators will select performers whom they wish to work with in the Masterclass. Selected performers will be informed via phone by 20th June.

Performers’ names and repertoire will be announced on the SMTA website in due course.

Gala Concert & Awards Ceremony Outstanding performers (will be contacted via phone by 20th June) and the winning group of the Chamber Music Competition will perform in the Gala Concert on 21st June.

Sample Program of Gala Concert-Awards Ceremony

Arrival of Guest-of-honour

Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong
Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

~Performance by~
Outstanding Platinum performers

~Guest Performance by~
Forte Camerata Chamber Group

~Presentation of~
Trophies to Gold recipients
Trophies to Platinum recipients (w/o scholarships)
Trophies & scholarships to Platinum recipients
Paul Goh Bow Awards
PF-OMM Orchestra Experience Award
Results & prize presentation of Forte Musicademy Chamber Music Competition

~Closing performance by~
Chamber Music Competition First Prize Group




Registration period:  1st – 30th April 2014

Where to register:  Online at www.smtasingapore.com

Performance Date: Subject to availability, you can request for your choice of day on the form (1st come, 1st served).
This is not a guarantee but SMTA will endeavour to fulfill your request.

Students of SMTA Members: Please check with your teacher that his/her membership is not expired.

Confirmation Email: A confirmation letter stating your performance date and reporting time will be emailed to you about 2 weeks before the event. Please ensure your email address is submitted correctly. If you do not hear from us, please email us at enquiries@smtasingapore.com

Amendments:  Any amendments must be done via email to Ms Julie Tan (President) at enquiries@smtasingapore.com within the registration period.

No amendment can be accepted thereafter.

Each amendment to the Certificate shall incur a fee of S$20.

Accuracy of Details: The information you provide will appear as such on the Programme Book and Adjudicators’ Reports. SMTA shall not be held responsible for any errors/misspellings arising from inaccurate submissions. Please ensure accuracy when you register.

View Information Required for Online Registration
Performers’ Festival Form
Chamber Music Competition Form


Registration Fees

Participants may register for any category(s) and for more than one 10-minute block. Separate applications to be made for separate categories.

Solo categories: Individual registrations for each participant.

For Performers' Festival:

1 person
2 persons
1st 10-minute block $170


Each subsequent 5-minute block of extension SGD$85

For Chamber Music Competition:

3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
1st 10-minute block SGD$190
($170 + $30)




Each subsequent 5-minute block of extension SGD$85

For piano duet, trios, quartets and quintets, each subsequent participant pays an additional $10 each.


Example of extension of time:

15-minute block --> $170 + $85 = $255

20-minute block --> $170 + $85 + $85 = $340


Payment Options:

Option 1
Cheque (local)   


It is important to write the participant’s name (NOT PARENT’S NAME) and contact number on the reverse side of cheque.
*If you need a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Mail cheques to:
Ms Julie Tan (5th SPF), SMTA President
2-D Hong San Walk, #17-08 Palm 5, Singapore 689050         

Option 2
Credit Card             

A link to PayPal is provided on the registration form. There will be an administrative surcharge of 5% plus a transaction surcharge of $0.50.

Option 3
Telegraphic Transfer and Internet Banking  

TT option is accepted for overseas registrants

IB is accepted for local registrants

*Please contact SMTA for bank account details

To ensure that your registration is processed, please follow these steps:
1. ALL BANK CHARGES (charged by your bank & SINGAPORE bank) must be paid by the registrant. You must inform your bank that you are also paying the bank charge imposed by the Singapore bank.
2. Please transfer to SMTA’s account within FOUR days of your registration. Otherwise, the registration shall be considered cancelled.
3. Please state participant’s name AND category on the TT/IB.
4. For group payment, please state teacher's name on the TT/IB.
5. Email a copy of TT/IB to enquiries@smtasingapore.com when it is done.

STUDENTS’ NAME LIST (for Group Registration)
Please email a COMPLETE list of your students’ names & the number of time-blocks so that we can check and confirm your registration. For example:

Student A 1 x 10 Minute Block $170



Promoting, publicising and getting audience to your performance is just as essential as preparing for your own performance. Hence, participants are encouraged to invite family and friends to come and support their performance. It is also an opportunity for participants to benefit from watching fellow performers as well as to interact and forge new friendships.

Free public admission to watch the Festival, Masterclasses and Gala Concert-Awards Ceremony
Entry and exit is permitted only at appropriate times during the performance. Out of respect to other audience members, children under the age of 6 will not be allowed admission.



By submitting the entry form, the participant agrees to all of the above-mentioned regulations as well as the following terms and conditions:

a. The registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable.

b. The Singapore Music Teachers’ Association (the “Organiser”) reserves the right to cancel the event if due to insufficient participants or any unforeseen circumstances. As such, the registration fee shall be refunded.

c. The Participant consents to allowing the Organiser to record all or part of the Festival and related activities for broadcast and promotional purpose without any payment to the Participant. The Participant grants to the Organiser the exclusive rights to the recorded materials and pictures.

d. Participants must report to the Festival steward at the REPORTING TIME. Participants who arrive later than their scheduled time may be disqualified. 

e. Participants and supporters of Participants shall not communicate with or seek influence over the Adjudicators.

f. Any type of unauthorized videography, recording or photography when the Festival is in session is STRICTLY not permitted so as not to interfere with the official videography. 

g. The decisions of the Adjudicating Panel, acting on the Organiser’s behalf, are final.  No discussion or correspondence will be entertained.

h. The Participants agree to indemnify the Organiser against any injuries or damages occurred at the Festival.

i. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Information, Rules, Terms and Conditions of the Festival without prior notice.



All updates and announcements will be posted on the SMTA website www.smtasingapore.com.
NOTE: It is the participant’s responsibility to check the website regularly for any updates and announcements.



All enquiries are to be directed to the organiser, SMTA

Ms Julie Tan, President
The Singapore Music Teachers’ Association


Info is correct @ time of printing & subject to changes w/o prior notice


We look forward to your participation!


To be on the mailing list, please email Julie Tan (President) at enquiries@smtasingapore.com .

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