Awards & Awards Descriptors

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Based on your performance, participants shall qualify for one of the five levels of awards:

Certificate of Participation Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Trophies will be awarded to Platinum and Gold recipients during the Awards Ceremony on Day 7. Platinum and Gold recipients’ names will be announced on the SMTA website.

All participants will receive Adjudication Reports, Certificates and Video Recordings. 



  • Demonstrates a high level of technical accuracy and command of the instrument
  • Displays an exceptional sense of musicality, maturity and attention to musical detail
  • Demonstrates a strong awareness of refinement of sound 
  • Communicates very effectively and shows strong personality, resulting in a very persuasive performance


  • Demonstrates a good technical command of the instrument
  • Displays clear musicality and sensitivity to musical detail
  • Consistently produces nice and beautiful sound
  • Produces a real feeling of performance


  • Demonstrates a competent technical command of the instrument (some minor inaccuracies, but no major errors)
  • Displays a musical approach and some sensitivity to musical detail
  • Adequate sense of sound production, but not always ideal
  • Gives some feeling of performance


  • Has some technical errors within a reasonably accurate performance
  • Musicality and sensitivity are apparent, but not always consistent
  • Mildly aware of sound and tone quality
  • A sense of communication and performance is sometimes obscured by a preoccupation with the technical demands of the music


  • Performed with score(s)
  • Technical weaknesses are immediately apparent
  • Little feeling for the spirit of the music
  • Sound production is not a priority
  • Could try to give more thought to the requirements of a performance

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